Classes & Courses

At Dance College Studios we believe that students should be taught how to dance and not just to follow steps.

Whatever your dance experience or knowledge we will provide a dance class that enables you to learn and improve at your own pace, meet new people and, most important of all, to have fun.


Dance College - Kids ClassesFor Kids Students… Get your children to join our very popular Kids Dance Classes

Young children love to move, be it at play or when listening to music. By channelling this love through dance and movement, Kids Dance lessons at Dance College Studios not only help to develop these skills but also instil exercise as a way of life.

Our dance lessons for Kids will help the children students to produce confident, well co-ordinated young people with good posture, self respect and respect for others. It is also a fun hobby which gives young people the chance to experience the thrill of performance. Kids Dance Classes start from ages of 3 yrs old.


Introduce a Friend to the Saturday Dance Courses

Dance College Studios is happy to have a rewards programme. Dance College Studios dancers/parents who tell their friends about our dance school can earn Euros10.00 for each new student that registers and pays for the 3 months course lessons. Registrant must mention your name at the time they register.


Join our Hip Hop, Freestyle, Modern Dance Classes

Dance College - Hip Hop, Freestyle, Modern Dance ClassesOur high energy Hip Hop dance lessons use the latest sounds in R&B, Rap, Dance Music, Pop and Hip Hop to make the classes diverse, energetic and fun. Hip Hop as well as Freestyle movement gives learning students the opportunity to develop their own style.

Each class consist of warm up, stretching, choreography and freestylin’. Dance combinations are created each week allowing students to add on new moves and build onto past weeks lessons to produce finished dances. And to get everyone ready for performances.

You should be able to find a class that meets your needs because we typically offer many classes for ages 3 yrs to adult. Our classes are held Monday to Saturday and vary in style, skill-level and age-level.

Our classes are taught by dedicated, experienced and highly qualified dance teachers able to provide energy, expertise, enthusiasm and of course fun.

Whether you are a dancer looking to keep up to your dance skills; or you just want a new and challenging way to sweat and exercise; or you just want to have a good fun time and escape the stresses of life… you’ll get all the dance energy you’ll ever need at the Dance College Studios dance classes.


Dance College - Social Dance ClassesSocial Dance… Ballroom and Latin American

This class will cover all the popular Social dances such as Tango, Cha Cha Cha Samba, Waltz and others. This 1 hr class will allow students to learn basics and practice them in a relaxed atmosphere. Come along and discover the fun of dancing . You can join a class or a private lesson. You can come alone or with partner.


Wedding Dance Lessons

For Wedding Couples Only: Let us help you plan the perfect dance for that perfect day. At Dance College Studios we can teach you a classic dance easily to fit your special track. Our dance teachers will guide you every step along the way to that perfect day.


Why to Join Us!

  • Learn some fresh dance moves and leave with a different dance routine after each class
  • Watch your own dance style improve and performance technique develop week after week after week
  • Learn how to meet friendly new people just like you, and begin making some great new relationships.
  • Dancing is a positive experience. We promise you that you will leave our dance classes on a high note. Not just because you learned new routines, met new people and heard great music, but because your body enjoyed the fun workout as well.
  • Don’t waste time bouncing around Malta looking for a dance school… because you won’t find the same experience anywhere else.
  • Join Dance College Studios! At Last! Dance Classes that inspires your Mind, Challenge your body and motivate you to Dance Again and Again