About Us

Kim Spiteri began her teaching career at the age of 16. Ever since then she’s been helping to develop aspiring dancers of all ages. She took her dance training with various instructors in Malta and abroad, during which she passed her dance teaching exams.

Kim Spiteri’s main love for dance is choreographing a dance and watching her students enjoy performing it. In choreography Kim believes that it’s all about being clear on the message you want to get across. She is always trying to find new ways to do this and how choreography is communicated to the dancers, to motivate them, involve them and to get the best out of them. For Kim choreography is all about being creative.

In 2002 and 2006 Kim Spiteri took a group of students to Tianjin in China to participate in the Tianjin Arts and Dance Festival where they performed to a 25 minutes dance programme, all choreographed by Kim Spiteri.

Kim Spiteri got her teaching qualification diplomas from the UK NATD Board as below:

  • December 2000: Associate Diploma – Professional Disco Freestyle Branch
  • March 2004: Associate Diploma – Professional Latin American Branch
  • March 2007: Licentiate Diploma – Professional Freestyle Branch
  • March 2009: Associate Diploma – Professional Street Dance Branch
  • March 2011: Fellowship Diploma – Professional Freestyle Branch

Well known NATD Examiner Ms. Francis Dawson wrote this in her examiner’s Licentiate Report Form for Kim Spiteri: ‘All demonstrations were of a high standard and were well performed. Excellent teaching methods were given for pupils of all ages. Kim has excellent communication skills which is a great asset to a good dance teacher. Congratulations.’

In January 2007 Kim Spiteri travelled to Finland to take her Bailatino Dance Teacher Exams and she successfully obtained the Teachers Diploma by the Finnish Dance Sport Association.

Kim’s dream of owning and operating her own dance studio came true in 2004 when she took over the then called Msida Dance Centre and has successfully changed it to the fastest growing dance school in Malta, Dance College Studios.

Kim Spiteri and her team of teachers are dedicated to inspiring and teaching all the students, no matter what age or level, with fun and positive approach to dance and to the passion and love of dance.

Kim’s main focus is the development and care of all the students at the Dance College Studios. Through hard work and determination, Dance College Studios has grown into the successful dance studio it is today – and it will continue this tradition into the future.